Hi, my name is Breanna Mae (formerly intellectualthicket.tumblr.com)...I'm a wife, mother, and goofball. Bassist in the garage band Polybius Effect and freelance photographer :] I also dabble in digital and traditional art, and writing. I'm awkward but I don't bite, feel free to get to know me :] click the picture of my face on the left for my links!! Anon will be open Sundays only for inquiring minds, and if you are leaving a question for my weekly vlog, just specify!!

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found a cute lil caterpillar and i tried to take a picture but i guess he just wanted to mosh


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hey, if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make a gif but doing it traditionally in photoshop is too hard, you should look at this.

gifcam is an app designed to make making gifs easy. all you have to do to record a gif is size the window and hit record. it has a built in editor and it saves with low filesizes and many options.

the best thing about the whole deal is that its completely free. yeah. thats right. you wont pay for anything and you’ll never have to

you can download gifcam here, and if you want, you could reblog to spread the word about this awesome software

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Artists working with their surroundings, via demilked.com

Credits: Natalia Rak, Oak Oak, (pictures 2, 3, 4, 5) BanksyMentalgassi, Anonymous, Sandrine Boulet, Nuxuno Xän,

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miscommunication as a plot device makes me angry

if you just talked to each other but no

did you mean supernatural 

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i love this blooper 

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Cas, you are so pretty

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Literally everyone in this gifset has died.

at least once

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Cas is so pretty ❤️